En Route Education: “understanding the wheel”– the moving arts are a practice in humility, strength, grace, and humor.  They teach us to breathe, to see, to listen, to be in choice, to be mindful, to be fully present, and to play.  The well-rounded theatre artist is an archaeologist, an empath, a therapist, a wave of light, an open vessel, a lover of words and shapes, an athlete, a child, and a little something wild.

En Route‘s theatre program aims to nourish and cultivate the unique artistic self of each student through acting, improvisation, movement, games, puppetry, writing, and performance.  We aim to create authentic, thinking performers, that can fully see themselves and fully see others with human understanding and recognition both on and off the stage. We believe in empowering our students to be brave in their choices and to trust their own voices. We believe theatre is both a healing and a performing art.  We believe the goal of the theatre educator is to inspire and cultivate the uniqueness of the future makers of magic.